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Interview @France Culture (in French)


        « This piece of agressively bright red vinyl, masterminded by Seb el Zin, a.k.a singer of ethno-punk band ITHAK, is one of those records that feel like it already existed »

Joe Muggs, the Wire

   « Ringleader Seb El Zin deserves serious points for originality and ambition; this is a collaboration that, at its face, seems like a terrible idea. That it sounds so urgent and the worldview so clear speak volumes of his production skills. El Zin mixes Ribot’s and Lindsay’s guitars into moments that counter Ladd’s and Sensational’s lyrics at times and underlie them at others. For an album as devoid of traditional melody as this one is, he manages to draw out a marvelously varied palette. »

J.Arthur Bloom, Tiny Mix Tapes

      « This is a richly unique disruption »

Eric Grandy, Google Music

     « it’s brilliant, fractured music and every bit as edgy as the packaging promises »

Stuart Broomer, Signal to Noise

« Dissonant, innovative guitar playing coupled with out there spoken word/hiphop. Sensational’s syrup delivery gives the group a chance to slow down and explore some textures within the industrial style beat.
The comparisons to good old ineffectual corporate dogs Rage Against The Machine will probably earn some merit, but the cover art alone of this release, also on vinyl only, show just how much more of a radical animal AROB are. »

Andrew Murdock Livingston, Foxy Digitalis

     « The Anarchist Republic of Bzzz is challenging and dizzying, smug and insightful, like most fearless records.«

Mike Wood, Music Emissions

        « There are no musical samples, no beats, no bass, and no drums. Ladd and Sensational have very different styles, but the dark production holds it together nicely. this is still one of the strangest hip-hop albums you’re likely to hear. »

Sean Westergaard, All Music

      « La formation à géométrie variable complote donc un mélange indus-noisy granuleux à souhait, atmosphères menaçantes sur lesquelles pérorent en freestyle des rappeurs allumés du vocal. Bienvenue dans la République Anarchiste de Bzzz. Riffs apocalyptiques, improvisations orientalo-futuristes, le tout haché menu par une ingénierie de fortune bricolée dans les profondeurs de quelque grotte afghane… »

David Cristol, Impro Jazz Magazine


« Between abrasive rock and experimental sounds, ITHAK’s album is unlike anything known and denotes the current musical production. A risky bet but made masterfully, for a totally original result […] ITHAK swims against the current, granting itself a total artistic freedom […].
A noisy and unclassifiable manna, but ITHAK manages to impose its language so special and terribly remarkable. »
Raphaël Duprez / – mai 2016

« […] In a surprising but so gratifying melting-pot ITHAK proposes a creation that spontaneously makes us think of free jazz with a post-punk and electro-pop dimension feeded by oriental roots and probably as many psychedelic stamps […] do not say you do not like before listening, you would regret it for sure! »
Fred Delforge / – mars 2016

« […] Oriental sounds, mixed with the power of a futuristic industrial rock. Sung in French, English and Arabic, both trip and road trip, this new EP that likes to mix genres is a great success.  »
Hélène Salimbeni / – mars 2016

 » Hard to put it in a box (and that’s the first thing that has challenged us in a time where everything is formatted). Rock? Punk? Free Jazz? Groove? Electro? Oriental music? Ultimately ithak stands on the borders of all these styles. What if this reality that seems parallel was THE reality? Look closer!! ITHAK’s music fits perfectly in today’s multicultural chaos, doesn’t it? … Black Nazar Corporation is a complex album, but completely free from all constraints. Exit from the row. Extract yourself from the frame: Shouldn’t this be the credo of every artist?  »
Luc Dehon / Musisphè – mars 2016

« I really love your crazy sounds » John Zorn

« Very original and quite avant-garde » Steve Hillage (Gong, System 7…)

« For all my musician’s life, i never heard such a thing !!!! you imitate nobody and nobody can imitate you!! THIS is tomorrow’s music, cheers guys, you made the limits of music explode … it’s unique! » Felix Sabal-Lecco (drummer for Prince, Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock...)

« Great discovering! » Urban Sax

« Everything is perfect: music, lyrics, visuals! » Palo Alto

« What can we say… really creative approach with the instruments and outstanding compositions!!! » Dispositivo Per Il Lancio Obliquo di una Sferetta

« Des rythmiques complexes tripantes, un psychedelisme savant, de la rage, du gros son, Dada, Zappa et de la prose francaise…Je vote ITHAK… » Christophe Chassol

« Forget all you know about music!! Open your ears and your senses!! Here comes a unique and new sound, a psychedelic sonic hurricane, a cosmic-oriental trip, here comes the Freejazz ElectroPunk, Here comes ITHAK!!!! » Benoit Cholet